Digital Marketing Healthcare Package

Intergage have created this COVID-19 Digital Marketing Healthcare Package to allow you to understand exactly where you should be investing your efforts and marketing budget during this unprecedented time.


Should you pause your digital marketing?

The short answer here is absolutely not.

You may feel that now is the right time to cut costs and save money where you can to survive. You may feel that marketing is the place to start your cuts. Before you do that though, ask yourself:

Will cutting my marketing efforts and spend have negative long-term effects on my business?

We have put together this COVID-19 Digital Marketing Healthcare Package so you can use this time to remain productive while adding value to your business.

The Healthcare Package includes:

  • A healthy website checklist
  • A list of 12 FREE tools you can use to analyse your website
  • 3 quick wins to help improve website performance
  • A detailed breakdown of how you should use Google Analytics to make lasting positive changes to your site
  • Nine reasons why your website doesn't convert and what you can do about it.

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