Lead Generation for Manufacturers

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Let's talk about increasing cash flow, back filling your pipeline and adapting to the new world of the empowered buyer.

Like any business, manufacturing and engineering companies like yours need regular orders to survive and grow.

In the last ten years you may have found:

  • generating those orders a little harder than is has been in the past
  • yourself relying more on repeat orders and existing customers for revenue
  • it more difficult to get in font of your audience.

However, if your company is to grow, you need new customers.

Studies show that the modern buyer spends as little as 17% of their buyer journey meeting with potential suppliers (Gartner).

You'd think that would make it harder for you to get in front of them. But it isn't. It just requires a change of tack and to stop relying on the sales and marketing methods you have been used to.

This workshop will address the issues and challenges you face in growing your engineering or manufacturing business. If your company is ready to grow, this workshop will act as the catalyst for a smarter, more efficient sales and marketing production line.

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09.00 - Welcome & Introductions

09:10 - Global engineering and manufacturing trends

09:20 - The reason your traditional lead generation is no longer working

09:35 - The new model for building predictable lead generation: Inbound marketing

10:05 - Do industrial companies really invest in content marketing?

10:20 - How will you evolve?

10.45 - Q&A

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