Lead Generation for Manufacturers

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You’re selling complex products into niche markets…

But your sales and marketing process doesn’t need to be complicated.

You need regular orders to survive and grow. That means your sales and marketing need to work together to generate and close leads.

However, things aren’t the same as they used to be. In the last 5 years you may have found:

  • Generating leads and opportunities more difficult
  • Difficulty targeting the right audience
  • Challenge in creating enough high-quality content
  • Measuring success and ROI almost impossible.

This workshop is for ambitious manufacturing businesses that want to build a predictable stream of high-quality opportunities.

If you’re frustrated with your sales and marketing results, need clarification on how to build a successful sales production line or are keen to improve out-of-date marketing habits, then this is the ideal workshop for you. Plus…It’s FREE.

What will you learn?

This workshop will address the issues and challenges you face in growing your manufacturing business. It includes:

  • an insight into UK manufacturing trends
  • an overview of marketing challenges that businesses just like yours are facing
  • reasons why your current lead generation is no longer working
  • a guide to the new model for building predictable lead generation
  • how you should be investing your marketing budget for the next 12 months
  • and much more…

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Welcome & Introductions

UK manufacturing trends

The reason your traditional lead generation is no longer working

The new model for building predictable lead generation: Inbound marketing

Do industrial companies really invest in content marketing?

How will you evolve?


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