Industrial Marketing Challenges & Solutions

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Research shows the top three marketing challenges for industrial businesses are:

  • creating enough high-quality content
  • targeting the right audience
  • measuring success and return on investment.

All three of these prevent manufacturers from being able to generate leads and ROI quick enough! This means you're likely struggling with long sales cycles, low speed to lead and pressure to deliver leads to your sales team.

So, how can we fix this?

We want to show you how to overcome these common marketing challenges with:

  • strong sales messaging and buyer personas
  • a structure for content creation
  • a killer marketing strategy
  • an enhanced marketing tech stack.

On top of this, we'll discuss the solution to slow lead generation and how you can make a difference to your pipeline fast.

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What will you learn?

In just 60 minutes, you'll leave feeling pumped and ready to tackle your marketing challenges to achieve rapid lead generation. The workshop includes information on:

  • how to stand out from the competition in a crowded marketplace
  • how to make the most of the content you already have to minimise strain on marketing resource
  • which software will help you track marketing success and prove ROI
  • how to generate leads with rapid lead generation campaigns!

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