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        The Ultimate Guide To Sales & Marketing Success With HubSpot

        You’re investing in HubSpot but are you set up for failure?

        It’s predicted that more than 10,000 UK companies rely on HubSpot – but are they failing to succeed with the platform?

        As a HubSpot Platinum Solutions Partner, we’ve seen the unwary make mistakes with HubSpot time and time again.

        Mistakes that mean you don’t get the most from the platform. Mistakes that end up costing you money and if you’re not careful, customers.

        We want to share our wisdom with you and tell you what those mistakes are… and how to avoid them!

        This workshop is for ambitious, B2B HubSpot users who want to get more from the software!

        Perhaps you’re not getting the return you expected from HubSpot. Maybe you know you’re not using the tools available within the platform and need a bit of direction. Or, you’re keen to learn more about the software and make your sales and marketing more efficient.

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        What will you learn?

        The cost of dirty data
        Information on how to get your sales team to adopt the software
        How NOT to waste money on additional tools
        Tips for sales and marketing efficiency with workflows
        Information on what a real campaign looks like
        Much more

        The Speakers

        Jo Siewruk

        Jo helps HubSpot customers grow through increasing their utilisation, understanding and adoption of the HubSpot software. He also consults on, devises, and executes multi-channel digital marketing strategies.