Transforming Your Sales And

Marketing Tech Stack

16/02/22 @ 09:00 - 10:30

Today's best companies are winning on customer experience

The marketing journey is incredibly complicated. Your prospects will have a multitude of touchpoints with your business and you need to ensure each and every one of those touchpoints provides the best possible experience.

This can be a challenge when you have multiple marketing software for each stage. Often you are:

  • Juggling software and integrations to ensure everything links together
  • Managing and transferring data from one application to another. This might include your CRM, website and email marketing platforms.
  • Trying to provide customised experiences to your customers and prospects.

What if we told you there was a software that did all of that by bringing your systems together in one place, starting with your website and CRM?

This workshop is for businesses who want to improve their sales and marketing processes by leveraging powerful, easy to use technology.

Perhaps you're frustrated with needing a developer to make changes to your site. Maybe you spend too much time managing data between systems. Perhaps you want to provide a more customised experience to prospects and customers, or, you want to bring your sales and marketing systems together for more powerful reporting.  

If this resonates with your business, then this is the ideal workshop for you. Plus... It's FREE.

What will you learn?

This 90-minute workshop will show you how HubSpot's CMS platform tackles:

  • complex customer experiences
  • the effects of 'cobbling' your marketing tech stack together
  • finding a software that's both powerful and easy to use
  • creating completely customised experiences for prospects and clients
  • migrating your website onto an easy to use platform that puts the power back in your hands
  • and much more...


09:00 - Welcome and introductions

09:05 - The sales and marketing journey

09:10 - The 'cobble tax'

10:20 - Five reasons you will love HubSpot CMS

10:00 - How to get started

10:10 - How much does it cost?

10:20 - Q&A

10:30 - End

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