An Introduction To

The HubSpot Tool Kit

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HubSpot is the number one marketing automation software

HubSpot is an incredibly powerful tool and one that will undoubtedly solve many of your sales and marketing problems including:

  • misaligned sales and marketing teams
  • weak sales and marketing reporting
  • unproductive sales teams
  • overworked marketing teams
  • low sales conversion rates.

It's well suited to manufacturing businesses in particular as it helps to:

  • shorten sales cycles
  • increase customer lifetime value
  • align sales and marketing teams
  • feed your production line with a steady number of leads.

However, before you make the investment to adopt HubSpot you need to know exactly how the software will fit into your business, what features it has and what return you can expect.

Perhaps you're looking for a new marketing automation software. Maybe your current marketing and sales systems just aren't delivering the results you need. Or you're ambitious about growing your business and want a system to help.

If this resonates with your business, then this is the ideal workshop for you. Plus... It's FREE.

What will you learn?

This 90-minute workshop will give you a basic understanding of HubSpot's features and how the software can help you transform your sales and marketing efforts. You'll learn:

  • how the CRM, sales, marketing and service hubs fit together to create the ultimate growth system.
  • how the system can help you increase enquiries and improve conversion rates.
  • how to manage customer, deal and company data for success.
  • how the system could fit into your business and enhance your processes!

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09:00 - Welcome and introductions

09:05 - The HubSpot Tool Kit

09:10 - CRM Hub

09:25 - Marketing Hub

09:40 - Sales Hub

09:55 - Service Hub

10:10 - CMS Hub

10:15 - Operations Hub

10:20 - Making HubSpot A Success

10:30 - End

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We know how busy you are, and sometimes that means our list of prearranged workshop dates and times won't work for you. Don't worry, we won't let you miss out! 

If none of the above times and dates suit your diary you can request a private workshop here. You get to see the same content but at a time that works for you!